Hydro colon therapy with ozone – a colon hydrotherapy, involving the use of water for the internal cleansing of the colon without the use of any chemicals nor medicines. It is one of the oldest methods in the prophylaxis of health. This method not only cleanses the intestine from defaulting debris, but combined with a proper diet, helps to regulate and prevent constipation, which affects every second man today. The treatment has the effect of rejuvenating physiological functions of the body, it helps in the treatment of many diseases of contemporary civilization and strengthens the immune system. In the office we use the gravitational machine which differs from the pressure one – during the cleaning treatment the intestinal villi are not removed. The water is saturated with ozone, which allows for better disinfection of the colon and faster to get rid of pathogens.


Cleaning the colon is beneficial for both the sick person as well as the healthy one. The aim of treatment is to remove:
Accumulated over the years, sediment faecal stones (remnants of food).
Waste resulting from the wrong connecting tract.
Fermenting toxins lingering for several years and flatulence.
Salts and heavy metals, preservatives.
Parasites, fungi, pathogenic bacteria and yeasts.
Indirectly affects the cleansing of blood by the use of ozone during the treatment.

Proper bacterial flora.
Peristalsis of the bowel.
Proper defecation.
The shapely figure (silhouette) by getting rid of the protruding belly.
Well-being and adequate energy for life.


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